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Will Gold Line Use Eminent Domain Against Monrovia?

The disagreement between Monrovia and the Gold Line Construction Authority (GLCA) over the purchase of Monrovia land for a railway maintenance yard continues.

In his weekly report, Monrovia City Manager Scott Ochoa says the GLCA is "trying to force Monrovia to pay GLCA's costs to settle two lawsuits filed against GLCA by Excalibur Holdings" (a company fighting against having its property acquired by the city), and that the GLCA is threatening to "condemn Monrovia's property." He also warned that "potential litigation between GLCA and Monrovia" could be "protracted."

"No one is forcing this site upon GLCA," Ochoa said, and "if they can make a better deal elsewhere along the Gold Line alignment, then perhaps the time has come for them to reconcile to this alternative as well."

Lots more reading here:

UPDATE: Habib Balian, spokesman for the GLCA, writes: "I hope to provide positive updates on the last remaining critical path items, including the private landowner’s lawsuit against the City of Monrovia allegedly preventing the City from selling city-owned land to the Authority for the maintenance and operations facility."


- Brad Haugaard

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