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Dozens of Monrovia School Employees May be Laid Off | Salary Cuts forTeachers | MHS Construction Almost Done

At its June 22, 7:30 p.m. meeting (agenda here:, the Monrovia Board of Education will ..

~ Consider laying off a bunch of full- and part-time workers, including seven library people, 32 instructional aides, one instructional assistant, and two clerical assistants.  See the list here:

~ Consider adopting a budget that asks the employees to continue a 3 percent cut and six furlough days a year, though that needs ratification by the teachers' association. Note the picture as well - the dollar numbers in parentheses on the "Net Revenue Over Expenditures" line are negative (i.e. - bad).

~ Hear a construction report for Monrovia High, which appears seems to indicate that the only things remaining to do are the graduation sound system, press box, the old science building, front entrance improvements, and the wrestling/old ceramics building. It should all be done this July.

- Brad Haugaard

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