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Water Pumps & Shopping Carts

A couple items on Tuesday's Monrovia City Council agenda ( for 7:30 p.m. March 1:
~ The council will consider whether to replace a temporary water pump at the May Booster Station, the pump station that supplies water to the Ridgeside, Oakglade, Norumbega, Emerson, and Canyon Park Reservoirs. The new pump will cost $74,496.19, but will save $3,000 a year in electricity costs.
~ Last June the city passed an ordinance requiring shopping cart owners to implement a containment and retrieval plan to prevent the carts from being scattered all over town. Twelve of 22 businesses have submitted plans and been approved; three said they'll be doing it, and city staff expects everybody will comply by the one-year deadline and that there will be a lot fewer abandoned carts around town.
- Brad Haugaard


  1. 25 years to recoup the money for the cost of the new motor. It is much cheaper to continue rebuilding the existing motor. You really will never recover the cost of the new motor, take it from an expert!!!

  2. I think our taxes will just go up......mine are already horrendous.... a real shock to someone who returned back to CAI agree with Craig Holmes; I will not live long enough to have this cost recouped....Then we will only owe $71,000+