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Sinclair House for Sale / Murder Sentence / Rotary / Delay for Gold Line?

~ Monrovia's Upton Sinclair house is for sale for $1.5 million.

~ Monrovian sentenced to 35 years for killing.

~ Monrovia Rotary Club will be sending 6 female and 6 male attendees from Monrovia High School to the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards on March 4-6 in Idyllwild, a three-day seminar with nearly 200 students from Southern California and Nevada. They are Giselle Moreau, Jamie Truong, Stephanie Garcia, Dushani DeSilva, Amanda Aquilar, Corrine Marino, Kevin Romero, Levi Helm, Christopher Rosedale, Saul Denova, Diego Nieves, Michael Arevelos.

~ A Monrovia property owner is suing to prevent his property from being taken for Gold Line Extension.

- Brad Haugaard

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