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Mr. Monroe / Boost Monrovia / Water Polo / Upper Room Play

~ I was curious what our founder, Mr. Monroe, looked like, so I took a good look at him, right in Library Park. William N. Monroe seems like a nice guy - kinda stony-faced, but nice. Did you know his middle name was Newton?

~ The Star-News is having a "Readers Choice Awards" contest, so if you'd like to nominate a great Monrovia business or two, pick up a copy of today's Star-News and vote (I didn't see the form online). It is on page A5. I've seen the form before, so maybe the paper will run it again.

~ Girls Water Polo - Monrovia 3, San Marino 8 :-(

~ Monrovia Second Baptist is putting on the play, "The Upper Room," as part of Black History Month.

- Brad Haugaard

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  1. Yep, William Newton Monroe. Wife's name was Mary Lou. Daughter was Myrtle.Another daughter, or niece (I can't remember) was named Charlotte which usedto be the name of the north/south street that is now Canyon Blvd. When housingwas begun up in the canyon areas, the City Council of the time re-named the street.Personally, I think Charlotte is better!