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Will Fees Hurt Sports? / Gwendolyn Jones

~ Increased fees at schools may hinder Monrovia sports programs.
~ Vignette of Monrovia advocate Gwendolyn Jones.
- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Yes, fees will hurt sports in our small town. As it was stated, the fees alone will wipe out the MYBL baseball league. This league serves mostly Monrovia youth. These kids will be forced to play in other cities like Duarte or Arcadia or not play at all. I am wondering, if they collect an estimated $18,000 from baseball, $10,000 from soccer, are they telling us it costs in excess of $28,000 a year to up keep the fields due to their use alone? Surely the district already pays their employees to cut the grass and maintain the grounds, because of school use. Is the excess use more than $28,000? People who take their kids out of the city for whatever reason it may be, sports, church, scouts, will dine and shop out of town. Mom's drop kids off and hit a Starbucks or a store. Kids are hungry on the way home, they stop at a restaurant.