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Council Meeting: Water Level Low, Rules for Parks, More

A few items of note that will be considered at the Monrovia City Council's meeting on Dec. 7 at 7:30 p.m. ( ). The council will... 

- Hear an update of the city's Water 4 Life water conservation program. The report says, "Due to recent droughts, the Main San Gabriel Groundwater Basin (which the City’s groundwater is pumped from) has reached historically low water levels." But the city has achieved significant water reduction using voluntary conservation (See chart above).

- Consider a new ordinance regulating activities at city parks.

- Set a public hearing for Dec. 21, 2010 on whether to change what is commonly known as "the Leonard Property" from a Residential Designation to Hillside Wilderness Preserve.

- Set a public hearing for Dec. 21, 2010 to discuss regulations covering food and ice cream trucks.

- Consider whether to continue using Athens Services for the "Old Town Franchise Area" ( and  whether to continue using Athens for another six months for street sweeping. [Did you know Monrovia has 90 miles of streets, 4 miles of medians, and 12 miles of alleyways?] ( ) and decide whether to give Athens a raise ( ).

- Vote on whether to enter into a $12,300 contract with Dimensions Unlimited to update the city's Hazard Mitigation Plan. In other words, the plan for what the city will do in the event of a disaster. Details here:

- Brad Haugaard

1 comment:

  1. Seems that we will be hearing about "drought" forever. A nighbor and I have often discussed this.We could get 22 new inches of rain per day, and we can always expect these kinds of headlines, "Despite all the recent rains, we are still in a drought"So who or what does such benefit? Why, HIGHER water bills! THAT is why they keep taling about "drought." "Rain, rain, go away, let the drought justify higher water bills anyway"By the way, we have always been in a "drought." It is a desert climate, is it not?Conserve? Sure, just as soon as all water sprinkler systems stop pumping water into the streets! Kind of a tuff sell, is it not? I mean, demanding people "conserve," but letting millions of gallons of water going to waste, being dumped onto the streets?Come on!Not to neglect mention of it, but isn't there this little pond over yonder? The kind they call an OCEAN?We have had the technology to remove the salt since at least WW2.Is there a real shortage -- or something?