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Monrovia High Construction Meeting

You may recall that the visitor's bleachers at Monrovia High were the reason the MHS winning game was not played at Monrovia High. At a special meeting at 6 p.m. January 5 (agenda here:, the School Board will consider having the bleachers improved and raised so they are the same height as the home bleachers, at a cost of $94,144. Source:

Also, the district will consider:

~ Spending $20,988 for some concrete work.
~ Spending $83,673 for fire protection improvements to the auditorium.

~ Spending $25,866 to add some guard rails.

~ Hiring a new owner-representative (the previous owner-rep is unable to continue) to represent the school district in dealings with the MHS contractor.
- Brad Haugaard


  1. How about the Football Booster raises the money, instead of the taxpayer?ONE CIF Championship shouldn't make people lose their heads. Danielle

  2. Exactly what is the planned source of funding for these expenses ?????Wish lists are easy to put together, and it is irresponsible to simply assume that taxpayers will roll over for more indebitedness. The turnips are dry !!!!