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New Monrovia Apartments to Have Waterfall Art; Video of Street Fair; Bulky-Items Removal

In his weekly report ( ), City Manager Oliver Chi reports that ...

~ MODA at Monrovia Station, the 261-unit luxury apartment complex being built next to the Gold Line station will have an artistic waterfall on its south face.  Artis Justin Hansch of San Juan Capistrano entitles his work, Monrovia Falls.  "The concept involves installing tiny cascading reflective discs that are commonly used in billboard advertising, and made famous by Sparkletts' water trucks to highlight their signage. It will stand 36 feet tall and be 16 feet wide, and as the wind blows, the discs will reflect light to create an illusion of moving water.

~ Video taken by a drone of the September 2 Street Fair is now on line:

~ Monrovia has a bulky-items pick-up agreement with Athens, so if you see anything that needs to be picked-up, contact the city by email at or by phone at 932-5553.

- Brad Haugaard

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