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Monrovia Street Fair: Hire Two Companies Instead of Just One

Citing problems with the way LA Partyworks was running the Friday Night Street Fair, the Monrovia City Council recently considered replacing it with a company called Green Leaf. The council didn't do that, but at the Sept. 1 meeting the city will consider another alternative - hiring both of them.

"This revised production model for the Event involves LA PartyWorks transitioning into a special event / marketing role, while Green Leaf would assume the weekly management and coordination of the Friday Night Family Street Fair."


- Brad Haugaard


  1. They really, really, REALLY want to get their old pals at Green Leaf in there, don't they?

  2. I've spoken to several owners and managers of both brick and mortar restaurants in the area, and vendors at the street fair who were there both before and after L.A. Partyworks took over. EVERY SINGLE PERSON, save one, said they have seen significant improvement since the changeover. The one who didn't said it hasn't made a difference, good or bad.

    One brick and mortar manager said he's seen a 30% boost in sales. Two of the vendors told me L.A. Partyworks was easier to work with.

    So, except for Jake's, I've yet to find anybody who doesn't like the change.

  3. It's so sad to see our crony based government. Street fair is better than it has been in years.