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Monrovia Renewal Project - $14 Per Household; Crime Map; Pickleback Shine

In his weekly report, City Manager Oliver Chi reports ( ) ...

~ Monrovia staff is considering a 3-5 year citywide "Monrovia Renewal" project beginning in the first quarter of 2016. It'll cost around $51.7 million; $14.8 million for street repairs, $23.3 million for water system repairs, and $13.7 million for sewer repairs. Cost to homeowners would be about $14 a month. It will repair or replace:

- Every street with a pavement condition index (PCI) rating of less than 70
- All necessary water transmission pipes and water production facilities
- All necessary sewer lines

~ I've mentioned this before, but Chi says that if you'd like to see Monrovia crime on a map, here it is:

~ This Sunday, August 23, at 7 p.m. country music by Pickleback Shine in Library Park. Sponsored by Cathy Teegarden and Tricia Harding of Distinctive Properties.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Well I hope that the $14/month fee is on our tax bill - at least that helps us homeowners!

  2. $14 a month for how long?

  3. When companies market products, they try to break down the costs into small chunks to "trick" the consumer into thinking it's cheaper than it is. I don't like it when our city government does the same thing. We pay our taxes yearly, why give us a monthly cost? $170 a year, $1700 over a decade. I'm not sure how many houses in Monrovia, but let's say there are 10k houses. This would cost each household $5100. The 3-5 year plan is how long it will take to complete. We will be paying for it for decades. When Adams ran on the platform of fixing our infrastructure, he conveniently forgot to mention the hefty tax increases that would be coming. Can we vote on it?

  4. Adams keeps saying its not "tax" but a fee...first, what's the difference and second, I wonder how he would have reacted if Lutz had introduced this sort of "fee?

    1. Tax or fee is a liar's game. They are the same, and anyone who thinks the new fee will end when the "project" is finished is dumber than ex-mayor Putz.

      I have not been able to see how much the City is spending on pimping itself as a "tech incubator" but doing basic things, such as infrastructure, needs to come from basic funds and BEFORE glitzy projects and free stuff are paid for.

      Politicians seem to have let their egos run away with themselves, everywhere. The plastic bag ban is a classic. "Duh, Pasadena did it, so we ought to...and we need to make right with Gaia."

      I think the project is worthy and overdue. Figure out what is not essential to the basic deal of city government and citizens, and cut that spending FIRST.