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Lunch at Church's Chicken

Lunch at Church's Chicken, at the corner of Huntington and Shamrock. Got the three-piece lunch for $7.49. Came with drink, biscuit, mashed potatoes and handy spork. Not health food, but filling and tasty. If you want something healthy, go next-door to Something Healthy. There was a sign saying, "Have a side of chicken genius." No clue what that means and neither did the attendant. 
- Brad Haugaard


  1. They were filming something at that location 2 days ago & had signs up for the shoot possibly left over?

  2. "Chicken Genius" is Church's term for Employee of the Month. I'm not sure I'd like one of them on the side. Then again...

  3. The clear winner for the most unhealthy lunch that you've ever taken a picture of. My heart hurts just looking at that potato thing in the cup.

    1. Wellll, Popeye's might give it a run for its money. :-)

  4. "Have a side of chicken, Genius."