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Fire Prevention Tips from Monrovia FD

Monrovia Fire Department warns that many fires are caused by power yard tools ( ). Here are some safety tips:
- Work while plants still retain some of their early-morning moisture - generally before 10 a.m.
- Do not work in windy conditions.
- Don't park in dry grass or brush.
- Use lawn mowers for turf only.
- For dry weeds and grass, use weed trimmers or hand tools.
- With string trimmers, use plastic or nylon line only, not any type of metallic material that will be prone to sparks.
- Check in advance for rocks that might spark when hit or thrown by power equipment.
- Use spark arresters on all portable gasoline powered equipment.
- Fuel up away from dry weeds and, of course, don't smoke!
- Have a helper at a safe distance acting as a spotter to watch for sparks, smoke or flame that you might not notice while you're working.
- Moisten the area where you are working and keep a garden hose attached and ready.
- Do not attempt to extinguish a large fire yourself.
- Carry a cell phone to call 911 immediately if there is a fire of any size.
- Brad Haugaard

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