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The Crane Crosses the Freeway

Time-lapsed photos of the crane moving across the 210 Freeway to the median. The freeway was opened to rush hour traffic at 4:30 Tuesday morning.

Early Tuesday morning (Sept. 20) the 300-ton crane and drilling rig, that was on the south side of the 210 near the eastbound Santa Anita offramp, was moved to the median.

Gold Line spokesman Habib Balian describes the scene:

"A dramatic scene, as well-orchestrated crews first laid heavy timber beams across the freeway to create a protective path for equipment to cross without damaging the freeway.  Once the timber beams were properly in place, the drill rig  and crane slowly made the nearly 100-foot slog to the next work area in the center median, where the second and final bridge columns are to be constructed.

"This intricate maneuver would not have been possible without the cooperation of Caltrans District 7 and the California Highway Patrol – to whom we send our thanks."

OPINION: Speaking of Caltrans, I am not in general a big fan of much that the state has been doing lately, but I must say that over the past month or so I've been very impressed with Caltrans' work on Southern California freeways. The work seems to have been done well, done very quickly and efficiently, and done at night to minimize inconvenience. Well done, Caltrans!

- Brad Haugaard

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