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Will Monrovia School Libraries Be Cut?

Parents are concerned that Monrovia school libraries remain intact.
I totally sympathize with the parents. I love libraries. I haunted my junior high library. But I also sympathize with the dilemma of the Monrovia School Board. As long as money is not coming from the state (and I don't see much more coming any time soon) I fear that not cutting in one place will simply mean cutting more in another place. I'm afraid it is not a question of whether school programs are hit, but which school programs are hit.

Many years ago, school districts controlled their own money. As I recall, they had taxing authority and raised their own funds. Then a judge ruled that it was unfair because poorer districts couldn't spend as much as wealthier districts, so all state education funds would be collected by the state and distributed "fairly." Well, you know what happened. The state decided this was its money.
I think that back then all the state's school districts should have banded together and fought to collect and disburse education tax money themselves, rather than ceding that authority to the state. When a governmental entity gives up its taxing power, it becomes a begging, insignificant pawn.
I know, I know. 20/20 hindsight.

- Brad Haugaard

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