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Monrovia Captain on Bin Laden / More on Cinco de Mayo / Disaster Prep / Sponsor Fireworks

~ Monrovia National Guard Captain Robert C.J. Parry, who served in Afghanistan, on Bin Laden: "A huge morale boost for us" and "a huge morale blow to the enemy." And for soldiers on the ground: "Yeah, he's dead! Now get on your gear. Time to go on patrol."

~ More coverage of Monrovia's May 1 Cinco de Mayo, from Monrovia Weekly ( ) and from Mayor Mary Ann Lutz:

~ Earthquakes and tsunamis in Japan, tornadoes and floods in the south. It's crazy out there, so the City of Monrovia has tips on being prepared for disaster:

~ Businesses, help sponsor the Fourth of July fireworks show. Hey, I'll be there! Loved it last year. Here's how:

- Brad Haugaard

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