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Monrovia May Study Returning To Council-Elected Mayor

At the next Monrovia City Council meeting (agenda: ), the council will, among other things, consider a request by City Manager Oliver Chi to form a committee to study Monrovia's directly-elected mayor system. (Other cities simply elect the council and then the council elects the mayor from among their own members, usually by rotation. Chi's request appears to be a response to Mayor Tom Adams' suggestion that the city return to this older system.)

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Less accountability in a local government that the populace already thinks is full of crony-ism and corruption. This is part of a spreading disease. Shame on our mayor.

    1. Wow, the irony of signing that anonymous is almost too good.

    2. They should have used "unknown", Mr unknown? In an environment of potential corruption in government, using real names can have unknown effects.

  2. I hit send before adding my name, as I have done now, it was a mistake, not an intentional hiding of my name.

    But, much more importantly I wasn't deriding the council for accountability under an anonymous pseudonym, it's hypocritical, tacky, and hilarious ironic.

    It's yet another baseless attack with nothing behind it but accusations, that is the disease that is spreading in this community, not trying to save money by going to a non-elected mayor system.