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Azusa Pacific University Expands Nursing Program into Monrovia

Monrovia Planning Division Manager Craig Jimenez writes that Azusa Pacific University is expanding its nursing program into Monrovia, at 606 E. Huntington Drive, at the southwest corner of Huntington and Shamrock.

According to the staff report, the school will occupy 15,554 square feet on the first and second floor of the eastern-most section of the building, using the space for offices, classrooms, laboratory space, workspaces and conference rooms. There will be 8-12 staff members working between 8 and 5 and 7-10 faculty members working 8-10 p.m. for evening classes.

"Their current plan is to start with 3-5 classes with 20 students in the evening. The university does not currently plan to have daytime classes. However, they anticipate eventually scheduling 2 to 3 daytime classes (of 1.5 to 3 hour duration) with an average of 20 students. Eventual peak time student population during the day would be 60-70 students, 4 to 5 faculty and 5 staff."

- Brad Haugaard

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