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Opinion: Should Government Pay for Restaurant Meals?

Opinion: I just saw this "We Accept EBT" (Electronic Benefit Transfer, aka "food stamps") sign on the Weinerschnitzel fast-food restaurant on Huntington (there's one on the Church's Chicken across the street as well). This seems just totally wrong to me. I can understand the government helping people buy healthy food so they can prepare meals for their families, but should the government really be paying people to eat in restaurants, particularly fast-food restaurants? Am I missing something?

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Not everyone that recieves SNAP benefits can eat at these fast-food restaurants. You have to have a special sticker on your card and be approved for this. It's mostly for the homeless or people living in motels who don't always have access to a stove.

  2. I agree with Brad. EBT cards should not be used for purchases of anything but healthful foods.

    It is too bad that some habitually homeless people cannot access cooking devices. Perhaps they should reconsider their choices, rather than have taxpayers enable them.

    There will never be enough money for all the "needs" for free stuff.

    After all, The First Lady is all abuzz over good food choices. This use of taxpayer money is not in accord with her wishes.


  3. In our country there is NO reason for anyone to go hungry! Our problem is the lack of identifying cause and effect. When we give people processed food they have made no effort in makeing their food
    or making money to buy it. WE have stolen from them any self worth they sould have had in eating it.
    Our country subsidises many foods and has more food than we use, I believe by tapping in on these and other sourses we could feed every US person while helping them restore their self worth and health.
    The point is, if you want more then a healthy diet from basic unprossesed foods given to you free, find a way to get to work, make money and buy the unhealthy food we hard working folks eat.