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Old Monrovia Acapulco Building to be Replaced; Smashburger and Maybe Del Taco Coming to Town

I asked Monrovia Planning Division Manager Craig Jimenez about a rumor that the city will get a Smashburger ( ). He kindly fills us in ...

"The rumor is true. Smashburger has applied for approval of a conditional use permit to serve beer and wine at their new location in Huntington Oaks. The CUP will be reviewed by the Planning Commission on 2/13. They will be one of four tenants in the new building that will replace the Acapulco building. Plans for the building shell are in plan check and we anticipate that construction should begin sometime in February.

"Things are really starting to pick up and as is typical, we do a lot of talking with folks prior to applications coming in, but it's a good sign that people are actually thinking about developing. We're expecting Del Taco to move forward with their plans to build a new restaurant next to the new car wash on East Huntington Drive. Additionally, we will be focusing a lot of our attention on the citywide Strategic Plan (PlanMonrovia) over the next few months."

Thanks to Brad Hori for the tip.

- Brad Haugaard