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Parking Garages May Be Coming to Old Town Monrovia

In response to this article ( about the possible sale of several of the city's Old Town parking lots, City Manager Oliver Chi said the idea is to expand the amount of parking. Here is his response:

"Regarding the parking lots in Old Town, given that the matter is subject to closed session deliberations with the City Council, I can’t speak to the details related to either potential opportunity.  However, what I can comment on is that our goal here at the City is to see if we can expand the number of available public parking spaces in downtown.  Both of the entities that we are negotiating with own significant properties directly adjacent to the public parking lots in question.  The City’s intention in meeting in closed session with the City Council is to discuss possible opportunities where we might be able to partner to construct a parking structure to expand the number of public parking spaces available in Old Town.  Ultimately, our goal is to enhance the availability of parking in Old Town, and I am confident that the staff would not recommend – and that the City Council would not approve – any deal which does not make the overall parking situation in Old Town better."

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. Notice that Oliver Chi did not comment on whether or not this will continue to be free parking. I suspect not.

  2. I know that the City wants to keep parking free in Old Town, but when you start talking parking garages the costs can quickly become untenable for a single developer or City agency to handle. A single space in a parking garage can cost $20,000 to $50,000, a small 100 spaces garage costs 2-5 million to construct. So don't be surprised if you are asked to participate in the costs of garages.

    Just a tip if you are having trouble finding parking in Old Town. Based on our surveys there are usually over 100 spaces available in the public portion of the Colorado Commons parking garage. The garage entrance is on the north side of Colorado west of Myrtle. Ideally I'd like to see this garage and the Paragon garage used for Old Town employee parking, but until that happens there will be spaces available in both.