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School Board Member Wants State to Allow District Voters Option to Choose At-Large Elections

Monrovia School Board Member Maritza Travanti just posted on X (formerly Twitter) that: “I’m asking our CA legislators to take another look at CVRA [California Voting Rights Act] & consider an amendment to allow for  communities to vote whether they want at-large or district voting. The bill should not be one size fits all.”

To comply with California state law, the Monrovia School District is planning to have district elections for school board members, with each district selecting one member for the Board of Education. This would begin with the next election in November.

- Brad Haugaard 


  1. If she feels so strongly about it, why then did she vote “yes” to approve the same resolution in March 2020 to make the switch to district elections? Probably because she and the board had no intention of actually doing it until they got caught and threatened with a lawsuit!

  2. There’s still alot of confusion going on since ousting superintendant. The board had some quit. Seems they havent jelled. The nerve they have to say theres no money to pay teachers not even cost of living. They are losing alot of teachers

    1. This board doesn’t have a clue what it’s doing and it’s so obvious. The way they have handled this is just more proof and Maritza’s dumb tweet just confirms it. Monrovia continues to flounder under their LACK of leadership. I heard that they couldn’t find a qualified person to be the next superintendent either because of their crap. Flint didn’t even bother to apply. Pretty telling.

  3. Thanks to whoever shared that this board actually passed a resolution to do this in 2020 but never actually did it. I had no idea! They should be held accountable for that. How could Travanti then say tonight that they are being forced to rush through this? Maybe you should’ve done this when you said you would then! You said you’d do it four years ago!