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School District Anticipates Lawsuit Regarding California Voting Rights Act

The Monrovia School Board will hold a special closed session at its Tuesday meeting to discuss "anticipated litigation" regarding the California Voting Rights Act. Wikipedia says the act "makes it easier for minority groups in California to prove that their votes are being diluted in 'at-large' elections." Details.

- Brad Haugaard


  1. Rob desperately wants to stay on the board so he and Maritza hatched a crazy scheme to split the area north of foothill into two trustee areas. Everyone knows that only benefits the most privileged in our community. Shame on them. They are so desperate to keep control of the board for their own stupid games. I hope people see through that.

  2. Why is Maritza saying she thinks trustee areas is a terrible and bad idea? She voted to do it back in March 2020 along with her BFF Rob. She’s a liar.

  3. Monrovia Unified District is not a good district they all lie. again is about power and control.