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No Recent Activity on Almost-Done Building on Myrtle - But Former 4th Dimension Is Being Remodeled

What former 4th Dimension will look like.

A reader asked what's happening with the building on Myrtle just across from the library, the one that always seems so close to done but never is, so I asked Craig Jimenez, Director of Community Development. He said:

"Well...not much to report on the building on the north of the breezeway.  The last I heard the property owner was working with SCE to complete some electrical work, but there has not been any other recent activity that I am aware of.  The building on the south side of the breezeway (former 4th Dimension) is moving forward on a substantial remodel.  The exterior design was approved by the Historic Preservation Commission last month.

"Interior demolition is underway and we expect them to be under construction soon.  The front portion will be retail/restaurant uses (no business has been identified yet), the rear and basement of the building will be for office uses."

- Brad Haugaard

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