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Monrovia May Hire Second Highest Bidder for 'Historic Context Statement' | New, Improved Monrovia Days | Pyro in the Park

Monrovia's anti gang program seems to be producing results:

At its next meeting (agenda: the Monrovia City Council will consider ...

~ Spending  $64,100.60 to hire a company to do a " Historic Context Statement" for the city. Of eight companies bidding, staff is recommending ASM, which provided the second highest bid for the project (the top bid was $65,626 and the low bid was $17,553.50). The staff report said ASM was selected because its proposal "recommended the appropriate amount of archival research and field work." Also, its proposal would involve "public outreach, a robust training program" for staff and "an informational brochure."

~ Approving a $50,000 contract with Paul Maurer Shows for the ride operations during a new and improved Monrovia Days celebration. The company would provide seven rides for adults, adolescents and children, including a Ferris Wheel, Gravitron, Giant Slide, Dragon Wagon, Taxi Cars, Jet Airplanes, Berry-GoRound, and a Dunk Tank.

~ Approving a $21,525 contract with Pyro Spectaculars to put on the 2017 Fourth of July Firework Show, still at Library Park although the city and school district had been thinking of moving it to Monrovia High.

- Brad Haugaard

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