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Monrovia School Enrollment Continues to Drop, Fewer Teachers Needed

Monrovia school enrollment "is at its lowest level since at least 1992," and is expected to drop by 116 more students, to 5,449, for the 2018-19 year, compared to its high point of 6,762 in 1999, and this means that with fewer students, there will be 11.7 fewer school staff members next year.

According to this report and these tables, which the school board will receive at its Feb. 14 meeting (agenda), the only elementary schools showing an enrollment increase are Monroe and Plymouth. Monroe "increased 3.66% this year, and has increased 19.01% compared to 2013-14, mainly due to the Spanish Dual Immersion program that is now in its eighth year. Plymouth also increased 11.39% this year due to the Mandarin Dual Immersion program." Also, Clifton Middle School has increased its enrollment 1.34% since 2013.

- Brad Haugaard

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